Samsung S8 : Will it save the company?

Hey, what is up , guys?

First of all we all know what happened with NOTE 7 later in 2016. Sure, It was exploding all over the world. Even the batches that Samsung claimed to fix. But they have officially stated the problem. So lets talk about that first.


First Samsung cramped a lot of component into the phone body & that’s seems appropriate. Reports says that the Retina Scanner was not going to be in NOTE 7, but debuted in Galaxy S8.

  • Slim Body + 5.7 inch Display + Stylus + Retina Scanner = Explosions

The physics behind is much more complex. Initially due to so much hardware packed into such a tiny form-factor and the curvy-corners of the phone, the electrodes (component which have +ve and -ve charge) of battery tended to bend. Even in some cases it led to a breakdown & separation from the positive and negatives tabs that caused a short circuit.

Bending of Battery inside the Body in SAMSUNG NOTE 7

Samsung Galaxy S8 : The Future ?

So, after seeing and experiencing the KILLER NOTE, I know it is hard to put trust in the company for it’s future products. But if the render is right and the phone looks similar to that, many people will like it. My personal thought on all these is at least Samsung is doing something new in the market. It is not so stagnant it used to be 4–5 years ago. They are trying to get much closer to stock android with neat little customization. I think it will get there. Future is bright (not for particular Company but as for the Whole Smartphone Era) but the question is will it be without Explosions ?

Render of the Upcoming Samsung S8

For the Tech-Heads out there

The Galaxy S8 is expected to be unveiled on March 29 this year.