Which is the top Magento web development company/Agency?

Top Magento development company.

Its not a much obvious and straight forward question to answer on which is the top Magento development Company/Agency. But certainly there are certain maths you can perform at the basic level to bring in a perfect deliniation to the list of companies that can well suit your requirements into the list of “Top 10 Magento Ecommerce Development Company”

You should be able to bring out this list in handy.

  1. The Company
  2. The projects they have developed so far.
  3. Their Demos.
  4. Their Developer strenghts.

and more.. In writing this, i have come across of a list of questionnaries from a client, who has shared me and i was able to write to them and they were impressed on the answer and was coming up for the next round of talks. Its all about talking the ins and outs of the company. Before knowing anything of the company and its processes, if you are going to dive into development journey with them, you can be at loss as there are many passerby companies who come and go on, not to mention about freelancers, the worst nightmares to belive is they give the task only to the extent they can, excluding few goodies at the task.

Here is the comprehensive list of features which can help you evaluate a company as top (magento) development company.

  1. What programming language do you usually use for web, mobile,
    backend? For mobile are you open on creating hybrid apps?
  2. What is the newest technology have you applied in your
    development on web, mobile and back end?
  3. How do you do your testing? Do you consider assigning QAs for
    your project testing? How do developers test their work?
  4. What is/are the most challenging/biggest project(s) you ever had? Explain why.
  5. Where do you usually post your QAs found bugs/issues?
  6. Do your developers create wikis or documentation while on
    development phase?
  7. Do you use continuous integration? If yes, what do you use?
  8. Are you doing code reviews?
  9. Do you use source code management?
  10. What new technologies are you looking forward to learn and use
    in your future projects? How do you update your team with the latest
  11. How do the developers improve themselves, not only in knowing
    new technology, but in terms of improvising their logical thinking?
  12. How many months do you offer as support after a project has been closed?
  13. How many developers do you have?
  14. If you have a client who has his own developer and wants his
    developer to collaborate with your team in a project, how will you
    handle it?
  15. If one developer is on leave and one of your projects is in
    rush, how do you handle temporary substitution?
  16. We use visa card for payments. Is it ok with you?
  17. What is your payment phases?
  18. Are you doing the data entry for websites and applications
    before handing over?

The above 18 pointers are just to evaluate about the company, not in detail about the features of your project. So when you wanted to know about the features they can offer you, you still need to know much deeper with all together a different questionaire on that.

But as a general rule, european ecommerce companies will have these list handy, and these 300+ will be their list of features they ever want in their startup stage. You can check them out here.

Also, you can checkout some of the video presentations of the company, something like this one to know what they could offer, what are their support terms and plans etc. Because after sales support is one grey area where most of us missout and struggle in the mid of ocean.

Checkout the video about webnexs here.

Checkout webnexs IT support here.

Also one last video on how did someone like you had found the most right ecommerce development company for their business.

If you have any further doubts, you can access webnexs support desk here.