How to build our own factories with Ethereum and Bitcoins, and make money

Sergey S
Sergey S
Jan 23, 2018 · 5 min read

Governments spend hundreds of millions USD of our taxes on infrastructure for our cities, but we can build it ourselves and make a profit from our own trash.
Why not?

I personally believe that this is a whole new paradigm.

We, entrepreneurs, can build new business models and combine things, which before ICO’s (initial coin offering) wasn’t possible.
And this is a serious call to governments of developing countries, especially those, who try to ban Cryptos and ICO’s.

Waste crisis

Today, modern mega-cities like Moscow, Beijing, Mumbai (you name it), produce a lot of MSW — municipal solid waste. Actually, it’s not “cities” produce trash, it is us, people, You and Me who produce trash every day. And all this trash eventually end up in landfills:

this is how our trash ends up in landfills

And this is a BIG PROBLEM #1: millions of tonnes of trash per day. Not for aliens or someone you don’t know. This problem touches every human living on earth, once again — You and Me and our future generations. Poisons from landfills penetrate into the water. This water enters the world ocean, then we eat this seafood. Also different kind of migratory birds and animals spread this poisons between our cities.
China is the world’s largest waste generator, producing about 189 million tonnes of waste annually
India generates 1,000,000 metric tonnes of waste per day

But we have the technology!

A lot of them. One I’m going to talk about is Waste-to-Energy plant: A waste-to-energy plant is a waste management facility that combusts wastes to produce electricity. This type of power plant is sometimes called a trash-to-energy, municipal waste incineration, energy recovery, or resource recovery plant.
Technology is not new, but here is a BIG PROBLEM #2: the price.

According to the formula, Medium-sized 250,000 tpa plant should cost $169,000,000 or $680 per ton of annual capacity.

Real case:

Ethiopia’s government pays $118.5 million USD for its new 50-megawatt Waste-to-Energy plant.

The Reppie WtE facility commenced full construction in Addis Ababa in September 2014 and will be completed in 2017

It is big chunk of money for such poor economy. We’ll destroy our planet before all developing countries build their WtE plants!

Connecting dots

You can say, “Okay, Ethiopia can pay for the plant as well as India, Russia or any country. Who cares?”

But I see this differently, what we have here:
1- Problem with trash, that affect everyone on Earth
2- Expensive technology with 50 megawatts of electricity output, which hardly affordable for developing countries.

Now, my Bitcoins, Ethereum, crypto and other blockchains fellas guess where we can use this electricity?

According to this article, big mining farm spends $39,000 a day for its electricity bill, even with the discount.
It is $14,235,000 a year for its electricity bill and BIG PROBLEM #3

Now you see?

We can build a Waste-to-Energy plant with a capacity of 50 megawatts of electricity and legally mine Crypto coins benefiting to a local community, almost free for government and with return of investments in our pockets.
From the business point of view:
- the 50 MW WtE plant will pay off in 8.5 years
- mining generate up to $1 billion USD in revenue a year

Why Crypto mining?

With growing demand from Blockchain startups we will need more computing power every year. So big mining farms will be deployed anyway nearby existing infrastructure, but this does not solve the existing problems with garbage and many countries can not afford these technologies today.

World community don’t have to wait solution from governments, but can invest via ICO and make profit from investments.

Government role

Sure, there is a big chance for governments to give support and kick-start for startups from Crypto mining industry. If world community invest in your infrastructure you can give back:

  • do not tax mining
  • give free land for the plant
  • allow Crypto trading on the site
  • give public support to Blockchain startups
  • work, think and make decision fast

How to finance?

DAICO is a key and warranty.

Not regular ICO, but a new DAICO!
Thanks to Vitalik Buterin, now we have the option not only to crowd finance projects with help of Ethereum but also we can do it securely for investors.

What here for investors?

Profit Profit Profit
Lifetime profit from our own WtE and Crypto mining!

Terms of token sale:
Token name: SAFR
The SAFR token is an ERC-20 standard-based Ethereum token.
SAFR tokens grant their
holders the right to:
1) receive 100% of the earnings of our proprietary mining operation in two steps:
75% paid out immediately
25% reinvested to boost future payouts
2) receive 35% of SAFRONOV|ENERGY‘s earnings from mining by third-party operations
3) voting and veto in important decisions of the company’s strategy
The offering will be open to the global public.
Restrictions apply to residents of Germany and US-based investors.
Token Issue Volume max. 1000 million
Tokens not distributed shall not be generated
Token Price at Issue 1 USD
Distribution 83% token holders
10% founder team
5% SAFRONOV|ENERGY as a reserve
2% bounty program

I think we are ready to launch this new paradigm, by connecting dots, technologies, communities, solving complex problems.

And maybe Ethiopian, Chinese, Russian, Indian and other governments will find a better way to spend our taxes, while we will making profits from our own trash on our own Crypto mining farm in our own Waste-to-Energy plant:

  • free WtE plant for government
  • no trash for community
  • saving our nature, animals and oceans from toxic landfills
  • free electricity for mining farm
  • good relations of Governments and Crypto community
  • fast return for investments

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