Last decade for Sales Managers: Replaced with Smart Contracts on Blockchain

Sergey S
Sergey S
Aug 19, 2017 · 5 min read

Software continues replacing many occupations. ATMs replaced thousands of bank tellers. Driverless cars are on its way to replacing millions of drivers around the globe with technologies from companies like Uber, Tesla, Google, BMW and so on.

What about Sales Managers?

Is it possible to automate such an old and natural for most human beings process with software? In short — Yes. But let’s start from the beginning.

Where do Sales in human history have began from?

Many scholars will agree with me, that first sale in human history started with no money or gold, but with food, shells, cattle, skins, grain, beads. I highly recommend you to read a book by Yuval Noah Harari “Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind”. It does not only cover such things as I describing here but many others: a brief history of culture, art, science, money, wars, religions etc. So how does a cave man decided to exchange one item for another? And what exchange mechanism behind this.

Let’s see an example

Exchanging 20 pounds of fresh mammoth meat to a new sharp stone ax from a cave man of the north side of a valley (read seller). Here is some question does the man have to ask himself: - do I NEED this new ax? - WHEN I’ll get the ax? - does the QUALITY meet expectation? - does the PRICE fair?

In what moment the sale happen?

If both sides agree on Needs, time, quality and exchange rate (aka price) — this deal will happen. Basically, any sales process is just terms and conditions. There can be just four terms or four hundred pages of them. When both sides agree with terms — deal happens. If one of the sides does not agree with terms — deal cancels.

Why these basic questions?

If the cave man already have at least one sharp stone ax or he is a farmer and does not use an ax in daily life — then he can drop the deal. Sale did not take a place. If the seller does not have the ax right now and promises delivery in the next year, then our cave man (a buyer) can drop the deal. If the seller promises a sharp stone ax, but the buyer sees that ax made from wood, then the buyer can drop the deal. If the seller wants a whole mammoth and not just a 20 pounds of meat in exchange for the ax, but the buyer does not agree with this, then the one side can drop the deal.

Replacing Sales Managers with Smart Contracts

If you are new to Blockchain, Smart contracts, and Ethereum — I recommend to find out What is Blockchain? What are Smart Contracts? What is Ethereum?

Suppose you learned or already knew this, so let’s move further. How to build a system in our today’s world, where two modern corporations, e.g. Tesla (car maker) and Goodyear (tires maker) can automate sales process between each other without human presence? We have to create a smart contract, where we will describe terms and conditions to make the deal happened.


Basic principle will stay the same, but now let’s make the query from the buyer’s (Tesla’s) side. 1 — Goodyear, do you have 1000 pairs of 285x35x22R tires? y/n 2 — Can you meet the delivery deadline which is 12/3/2017? y/n 3 — Does the tires meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard? y/n 4 — Do you agree to sell 1000 pairs for $95 each? y/n

A request may contain different queries, but you see my point. You do not need 2 people from both sides to make a decision on that every time when Tesla needs their tires.

Benefits for companies

According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2016, mean wage in the US for Sales Managers estimates at $135,090. Add here Insurance, Holidays, Vacation time and you will see, that it’s much cheaper to have a computer program which working nonstop, at speed of light, with no emotions involved in decision-making mechanism.

Besides when we talking about Smart Contracts implementations for one company — it will affect a minimum of two companies: a buyer and a seller. This will cause a viral effect for b2b processes. One company after another will implement Smart Contracts integration.

What remains to do Sales Managers?

The World is constantly changing. The best advice can be in this situation — is to change with it. By learning programming, online marketing or other skills you have more chances to survive. Nothing changed since stone age — as our ancestors had to adapt to changing nature, seasons, drought, flood or lack of food. Modern generation has to adapt to new technologies. Teaching does not end in school or college.

How much time left?

Blockchain opened the door for much more automatization than software did in the previous decade. Banks, legal companies, financial institutions, and even money itself — replacing at such a fast speed with new technologies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Civic, SmartContractSales etc. There is no room for thoughts, you have to act now.

What to do?

The first thought comes to my mind — is to be a part of this new world. ICO (initial coin offering) open doors for everybody to become a part of a tech company. Here is one real example from my life. Last year, my friend and partner, Alex bought Ethereum on $6. Last month he sold his ETH for $600. You think it’s a good deal? I think that he hurried with this decision. With more companies, businesses, and services joining Ethereum blockchain — the higher the price goes. And the whole blockchain ecosystem is still in early stage. So I think — Now is the best time to join new Dropbox’s, Salesforce’s, WeWork’s etc.

But think twice before you made any decision. New tech and trends carry with them new risks. And for now, there is no such software, which will make the safest decision for you.


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