8 Common Arguments Against Vaccines
Gid M-K; Health Nerd

You are peddling disinformation. There is widespread evidence of the harm that vaccines have done and I refer you to Robert Kennedy Jr who has written much on the subject — WITH EVIDENCE. Furthermore, much is contained in the film — VAXXED — and, because of this, it has been effectively banned from the view of the public. Furthermore, you citing that there are many studies refuting the autism link is disingenuous and omits the biased nature and selection of what is published by the journals that are entirely owned by the mainstream-media-corprate-complex. In the 1970’s the incidence of autism in the USA was of the order of on in 13,000 — in recent years it is UNDER ONE HUNDRED (around 60 now I believe). There is no official explanation for this other than the risible “better diagnosis”. During this period the incidence of vaccination has increased from about three before the age of 10 to three before the newborn leaves hospital and than another 150 by the teen year. This is monstrous. Mercury, aluminium, formaldehyde are KNOWN neurotoxins — and we are happily administering the to tiny newborns — — MONSTROUS.

How to explain your stance? You are either stupid or a pharmaceutical shill. Away with you.

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