That’s my life;

It’s strange writing something about me or even exposing it on the internet, yes I like to read and write but only for me. But why not make this a diary for everyone to read and maybe even take inspiration from me or my stories.
So here we go:
My name is Daniela, but my friends call meDannie (Just because it’s easier for my foreign friends to call me ). I’m Portuguese and I’m 25 years old and I know that I do not seem to be physically the same age because I’m 4'9 ft (1.45m) of tenderness mixed with a passion for wrestling and comic books with a heavy metal vein and addiction on the most famous kitten in the world Hello Kitty. It is strange this convo but this is what made my personality and I have to thank Wrestling for saving me, yes 11 years ago was insecure, people made me bullying for wearing an oval glasses and have my face like most of the Teenagers with acne oh and using braces but this made me feel an aberration and they felt happy to infriorize me, nothing that has not happened because nowadays I feel more confident and beautiful, I grew up a woman who has her decisions and defends the his opinions and never gave up like John Cena one of the people who changed me. I am so strong thanks to AJ Brooks a former women wrestler she is independent, strong and not afraid to say what she feels. But with me and this joy all has my weak side, the side in which I let myself go easily down the side that I do not control and that sometimes I just want to disappear from this world, nothing I do not control but sometimes I destroy, maybe for everyone those years to be lying down by person another of my problems is not feeling good in crowds always starts to grow a panic in me that I can control if it were so would be difficult to live.But these are my little secrets that I carry with me and that I have now shared with you and I will share from now on.


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