I have tried to start a blog multiple time already, but for some reason I keep forgetting that I own a blog and that I need to post content :p

So, instead of going for the pretty and well thought blog, I’m going to write about my coding while coding (pretty much like Jesse Eisenberg did in Social Network movie).

Hopefully this way I can learn how to blog and help others as well.

Before I start I should say a few things about me:

  1. I’m not a native English speaker (my main language is Spanish) so why I’m writing this blog in English? because I want to practice my writing skills. So if you see any typo or grammar errors please let me know, I cannot improve if someone does not tell me that I am doing something wrong ;)
  2. I am from Costa Rica.
  3. I am a Ruby on Rails developer (currently learning Elixir).
  4. I love vim + tmux.
  5. My main goal is to have my own company.

If you have questions and what to know more about me, you can contact me at Daniel Blanco Rojas.