My Wife and I currently live in Brazil, São Paulo. We are eager to start our international careers and have the enriching experience of living in a different city for a couple of years!

There are so many opportunities!

We imagine ourselves living in Seattle, and a sudden chill takes us… living in such a welcoming place, and with the Puget Sound view?! Wow!!!

How about New York?! A megalopolis like São Paulo, but with 10% of the problems… a subway that really works and you can rely on!? Unbelievable!

What about Europe? If we lived in Dublin, or London, what joyful life would it be, having the whole European continent to explore! And Ana being an Italian citizen makes everything easier :) Just of thinking about a good pint followed by a chill bike ride along the Thames makes my thrilled!

So, we were seating in our apartment thru the whole weekend a couple of months ago and dreaming about living in all of these cities, exploring them, and having fun when it occurred to us… given our current pattern, if we were living in Paris, Milan, Praha, London, or any other place we would just probably be sitting around all weekend and watching Netflix…

If we dream about exploring the joy of different cities, why not start now with São Paulo? Sure it has a ton of problems, but it also have its hidden gems!

So, that`s how this project of ours was born. Throughout the upcoming months I hope to share here, with everyone interested, our adventures across São Paulo, and what this bittersweet, beloved, crazy, beautiful- hideous city has to offer!

The first (next) Post will be about Jardim Botânico — our Botanical Garden. Hope you all enjoy The Other Side of Sao Paulo

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