Around Mount Warning.

So I headed back to the Murwillumbah region in Northern New South Wales for some more exploring. This time Warren showed myself (and Tim) a nice little gravel track out the back of Mt Warning. This was part of the Rapha Gentleman’s Ride a few years back so I’m told.

Wok and Tim lead us out of Murwillumbah.
Wok takes the camera and captures more butts and a looming Mt Warning.
Poor shot by me, but this is Tim crossing an old wooden bridge just as we start on Byrill Creek Road which heads adjacent to Mt Warning. I burst a valve literally two seconds after this photo.
The gravel begins and so does a few early travails. I literally flat on the same tyre about 400 metres up the road from my first flat. Spend another bit fixing my flat, then we head off…only to find out Tim had flatted too. Fun times!
Byrill Creek Road Strade Bianche segment is about 13 kms with 2% average, but its actually quite chilled with little in the way of big steep bits. The quality of the road is similar to The Goat Track in Brisbane though you’ll need to keep your wits when you descend on skinny tyres on the dirt so as to avoid pinch flatting on big rocks.
Sneaky Lynskey shot while Tim repairs a flat.
The descent off the gravel and into Tyalgum was pretty quick.
The other side of Mount Warning.
Water stop in Tyalgum. To the left is a pub which looked to be doing a rousing trade. Lot of old white bearded dudes seemingly getting hammered.
Quick stop in Chillingham for the Black Medicine, pies and tarts before heading back to Murwillumbah.

Key stats

Moving time: 3:10

Elapsed time: 4:29

Speed: 24.5km/h average

Yeah, we took quite a bit of time fixing flats and eating etc etc. :/

Full Strava Route:

Byrill Creek Road Strade Bianche (gravel) segment:

This was my third time cycling this region. The second time I was down here was in early 2016 and I wrote it up here.

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