Sometimes second chances do happen

Today was one of those days where you need to sit back and think “Did that really just happen?” The desire and hope for a specific event to happen is inside of most of us everyday. When it finally arrives to us, we may not be as prepared for it as we thought.

Earlier in this recent summer, I sent out e-mails to different coaches of junior hockey teams in my area. Sadly, only one of the coaches responded, and did so in an awkward manner. At first, the coach said that it will not be a problem to schedule a try-out to see if I would make the team. The possible try-out dates were thrown around for two weeks until all contact between us two stopped. Later in the summer I sent that coach an e-mail asking if the try-out was still possible. The response was not what I wanted to hear. The coach stated that he did not wish to talk about a tryout at this point of the year but, he mentioned that the team was hosting a “skills camp” the following week. I attended. There was no further talks about joining the team between us at that point. I was forced to play for a different local team.

Now, about two months into both the junior team’s and my team’s season, I received an e-mail saying that the coach had an opportunity for me and to contact him A.S.A.P. I called him. He stated that there was an open position on the team at the goaltending position due to a player leaving the team. This is what I need to have a better chance of playing at the collegiate level. The only trouble is that I may not be able to leave my team (or I shouldn’t leave my team). I will need to talk to my current coach and the management team of my current organization.

If I am able to switch I will be happy; I will be playing at a higher level and will be able to showcase my talents more to potential college coaches. If I am not able to switch I will still be happy. I’ve only been with this team for two months and I have already formed the bonds with my teammates. I’ve become comfortable playing in games with them. I’ve seen the potential of this team and I know how the team will fair if I leave them. It is a difficult decision. Luckily, no matter what the decision is, I will find happiness by traveling either path.

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