The Eavesdropping Story (Original Version)

A story inspired by an easvesdrop of a guy's talk on the phone. I was in Malden Center, Boston, waiting for an Uber. A guy passes by talking on the phone in an accent and he says: “Oh, man, I don’t know how I’m feeling right now. She always does things behind my back!”. Story written as an exercise of my Harvard's course.

It was Monday or Tuesday, I can’t remember precisely. I know it was cold and windy, those kind of days people don’t usually practice outside activities. People in general, not me. Since last summer I decided I would run every weekday and I did; but now that winter has come, I’m struggling to keep my promise but still trying.

In one of these days I got out home a little late and I already could noticed a few people I hadn’t seen before. Not many, just a few. One of them was a guy seated in the backyard. It was impossible to not observe that situation. He was seated on the naked grass, hugging his knees, steadily looking forward and crying out in desperation like a little child. I din’t know what was that, seemed like a David Lynch’s movie, a pathetic and random scene built to trick me. Should I try to shelter him or say something nice? I really didn’t know what was going on and I wouldn’t know how to approach. But now that I was standing in front of him, looking to that scene, I couldn’t avoid. He noticed me and started to stare. I did the same, without saying a word. I wouldn’t stand that situation anymore, so I asked him:

- How are you feeling today? — I tried to not look very concerned.

- Oh, man, I don’t know how I’m feeling right now — He lay his head on the knees and started to cry harder. As lame as the man suffering seemed I was sorry for him but also intrigued. What could have led that man to such a shameful condition? So, I sat my ass on that cold and wet grass and offered him a cold hard stare until he found courage to have a decent conversation with a stranger. He looked back and said like he knew me for a long time:

- Listen, It’s her again. She always does things behind my back!

- I know that! — I said because I really knew how he was felling. I had been in that position a few years and in the end I found out he was really cheating on me, I guess that’s why I felt an empathy for that guy.

- Thank you! Thank You! I’m just desolate and disturbed after what had happened.

- Feel free to tell me, if you want.

- She always makes me out to be a fool. I tell her everything. When I’m going out, with whom, I text her the whole night when we aren’t together, I tell her what time I’ll get home. Every single detail I communicate to her to avoid conflict — Oh, man, I really knew how it was that sort of relationship. I had one exactly like that with my last boyfriend. It was stressful — But lately she’s not responding some of my messages and sometimes she doesn’t even answer my calls. Yesterday I had got home earlier and found she had bought a MacBook for herself. She didn’t tell me that!

- So, you guys already live together, right? — I was really concerned about that guy. Poor little thing. They share the bills. She couldn’t have bought anything expensive without telling him.

- Of course! Since I was born I live with the same woman.

- What do you mean? — I hope he was being sarcastic.

- Let me ask you something, lady. Who do you live with?

- With a roommate.

- Well, me too.

- Oh, I thought you were having problems with your girlfriend or wife, not roommates. You should move, then. Try to find another place for you — Suddenly he interrupts me, saying loudly:

- Hell no! I will never move away from her, I can’t just leave her alone.

- Well, she seems very independent. She will be fine, you should try at least look for another apartment. I can help you with that I’m a broker. Here’s my business card and you can give me a call whenever you want — He took the card and analyzed it.

- I’ll tell my mom about it. See what she thinks. Maybe she could move and leave the house at once, with her new MacBook. Thank you for your help, I’ll definitely give you a call — He lifted his right hand so I could shake it. I did and immediately ran away from there, hoping not to receive a call from that freak.

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