Some are taught in college, and some are taught in master’s programs. Most are learned by doing, and learning the hard way. Learn the hard way, and show it.
You can read my bio, or look at my avatar; I am old.
Tom Harrison Jr

Great response. Indeed, I am still a junior developer but I already see the differences among other developers. I learned a lot of things from education/school but the 80% that get you the best at what you do is not your teacher lessons what you learned from your peers and the many hours of trying and trying and trying again until it works.

The more you spend time, the more you know things and the easier you find shortcuts. I do not pretend I know everything and not I am not an expert in any domain yet but I am getting better everyday and that maybe not be what you can see on a résumé or whatever. I am a good developer but I am really bad at selling myself. I think that one part of Sam Jarman article and I thank him for it. Being visible online (soft skills) is as much as important as having hard skills.

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