The Language Learning revolution is coming — My new passion — FluentWorlds

I hope you had a Super Holiday season. The New Year is rolling forward and I want to tell you about how FluentWorlds, our new language training App, is set to revolutionize language learning across the globe.
Now before reading any further, I would like to ask you a simple favor. Download our App. Click here:

or to go the Google Play Store or the Apple App store and search under “FluentWorlds.” Initial download is Free. 
Using our App, language learners are able to go through a series of self-paced modules in “real world” scenarios like a hotel, restaurant, or home where they can practice their language in many different and gamified environments. So imagine the 280 Million people in China currently studying English as a Second language doing so while virtually visiting such iconic places as New York’s Central Park or the Las Vegas strip.
We would welcome your feedback on FluentWorlds. If you feel so inclined here are a few other simple steps:

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Let me provide some further context for all of this. A few years back, my amazing wife, Dr. Linda Bradford, envisioned a learning environment where instead of having video games interfering with classroom instruction, we should use engaging and immersive video game and mobile technology as the core of our instructional paradigm. Thus, we launched the VIEW platform- Virtual Immersive Educational Worlds. Our initial core product has targeted language learning now embodied in FluentWorlds.

We launched our FluentWorlds App initially to native Spanish speakers. There are over 400 Million of them in the world. This video highlights native Spanish speakers moving up in life as a result of learning English as a Second language using FluentWorlds.
The market for learning another language is huge- roughly 70 Billion dollars is spent annually learning another language. But did you know that two-thirds of that is used to learn English? If you go back 100 years or so, people spoke French when they met people from other countries. However, when meeting a foreigner today, the language of exchange is typically English. Further, it is interesting to note that there are more people who speak English as a second language than people who speak English as a first language.

English has become popular for many reasons but here are 3 quick ones:

  1. English is the Lingua Franca (meaning a bridge or common language) of finance and business.
  2. English is the unofficial language of the Internet
  3. English has been spread globally as a result of American culture (like movies, music, and McDonald’s) impacting the world cultural scene over the last 50 years. If any rock band or music act wants to hit it big on a global scale, they will sing in English. Elvis, the Beatles, and Taylor Swift have proven that. On the Movie front “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” took only 12 days to earn $1 billion in worldwide sales, becoming the fastest movie to do that breaking the previous record of another English Speaking film, “Jurassic World. “ It is interesting to note that when “Sound” came to movies back in the 1920’s, it was English that was first spoken in those films.

FluentWorlds was designed to maximize learning by blending fully immersive virtual worlds with proven game play and curriculum that was scoped and sequenced by 3 Ph. D’s. It is also ready for the VR (Virtual Reality) revolution having been built on a tech stack that exports to Oculus while still able to gain market share on the devices people use today. FluentWorlds not only brings learners into the 3D world but also captures their imagination with questing, mini games, professional voices, animating avatars and voice verification. 
The VIEW team has also built a series of 3D virtual classrooms where our students can meet with a synchronous cohort group of 10 or 15 other students in order to receive direct training from an experienced ESL instructor. Go to www.3d-view.comto begin checking that out.

Our Proprietary voice verification technology, which is being built by one of the key figures behind Siri and the Amazon Echo, will not only allow learners to answer questions by speaking, but will provide them feedback at the phoneme level. 
FluentWorlds has been an amazing team effort with some of the world’s best and brightest programming, language and voice experts. They include experts from nVidia, Disney, Playdom, and Amazon as well as Tim Doner, arguably the world’s most accomplished HyperPolyglot and 2nd year Harvard student. Tim serves as the principal FluentWorlds Brand ambassador. You should check out his YouTube video where he speaks 20 languages.

In speaking of FluentWorlds, Nick Macey, Former Chief Product Officer of Rosetta Stone said: 
“The FLUENTWORLDS environment provides a unique and revolutionary opportunity for teaching language. By blending an immersive environment with the social and teaching capabilities of the platform, I believe it will become the preferred way for learners to learn.”

We also love these quotes from regular users of the system: 
 — “Best language app I have ever seen! It is simple to use and provides a great learning platform. Great app!”
 — “Innovative teaching style, great 3D graphics! I’ve been learning languages for years and I’ve never come across a product like this: from the very first level, your character is immersed in the natural English conversations necessary to gain a true understanding of the language.”
 — “This is INCREDIBLE!!!! This app is so helpful and beautifully done. Out with the old way of learning English and in with FluentWorlds! I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to learn English. I love learning things in fun creative ways and this app wins! I wish I found this sooner!!! Well done!”
 — “Best English language learning app -Incredible tool to quickly gain competence and confidence speaking English as a second language.”

Jeff Adams, Father of the Amazon Echo and world leader in Voice Recognition: 
“Since leaving Amazon and successfully launching the Echo, I have been searching for the next great thing — remarkably, in my view, it is immersive language learning and I am delighted to be partnering with FluentWorlds. Together we are creating something to enable the world to learn languages in a way that has never been done before.”

Mahesh Ram, CEO of Global English, now a Pearson Company: 
FluentWorlds’ innovative virtual reality platform presents true transformative potential for language learning through solving the most difficult challenge in language learning today — keeping learners engaged”

Upcoming features will include voice recognition and assessments, a VR level featuring Virtual Las Vegas (New York’s Central Park is in there currently), source languages in addition to Spanish will include Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, Turkish, Japanese, Vietnamese, German, French, Italian, among others. Naturally, we will flip this and if you are native English speaker and want to learn Spanish, French, English or Chinese, etc, we will have a solution for you. 
What are we doing with VR? Oculus is the dominant player there so we integrated initially with their platform. As VR expands, and the use of headsets becomes more popularized, (which they will), we will be right there with integrations to the top VR platforms.
The combination of video gaming technology and realistic 3D graphics is an advancement that is poised to entirely disrupt the language learning market. Imagine further that the platform delivers incredibly realistic, immersive virtual reality simulations along with world-class content and true user collaboration.
Once again, we welcome your thoughts and input on FluentWorlds. FluentWorlds represents our Vision to revolutionize language learning on a global scale. Wishing you an awesome, multilingual, 2016!

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