Living California

Being from California there is a ton of cool places to visit and explore weather you like big cities, outdoor recreation or visiting national parks.

Spring flower in Santa Barbara, CA

There are two main metropolitan areas in California one being the LA/southern California region and the other is the bay area. Both are unique in their own way. Southern California has a much different vibe than its neighbor up north; it’s your stereotypical California lifestyle with lots of sunshine, beach goers, and a relaxed lifestyle. Meanwhile the bay area has a more classy and trendy feel, start-ups, tech gurus, a diverse set of restaurants, and outdoor recreation close by.

If you like the outdoors and nature than California is the place for you. World famous Yosemite national park can be found a couple hours outside of San Francisco. In the winter, it can be packed in with snow, but it still makes for a beautiful site. Spring and summer are very nice and hiking trails are abundant. Weather you like backpacking, fishing, or just enjoying time with the outdoors California has you covered. From the beaches, to mountains, to rivers and lakes California has about all you can ask for.

If you always wanted to visit California don’t hesitate and book that trip, if you are looking to return to California, I’m sure there is something new you can entertain yourself with. Both LA and San Francisco offer different lifestyles, but both are just as fun. I know you will enjoy your visit to the golden state!!

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