How are you doing Trent?

Actually liberals are in the biggest bubble of all. First of all you misjudged Trent and thats just the beginning of your misjudgments. I suppose it isn’t all your fault as you probably listen only to the liberal press (another bubble). You are also misjudging Trump and Republicans because you cannot see who you are being or who they really are (because your in your bubble). You think a socialist, globalist agenda is what you want but the reality is you wouldn’t like it at all and have no idea of what this country really would be like with that type of agenda (because you’ve been fed a lie by the alt liberal bubble). Most liberals are just fine judging others as long as they are sitting pretty. As soon as things don’t go their way they scream and holler like children who have never been told “no”. I shouldn’t actually use the word liberal because I have been a liberal Democrat all my life until now. Now I just see these brainwashed narcissistic self indulged children who want to mind control anyone who doesn’t think the way they do or leaves their group think. They spout out idealistic garbage and yet their leaders, hypocritically, live lives of multi millionaires with gas guzzling vehicles and private jets and mulitple homes they don’t need all the while telling their minions to do the dirty work of disrupting the opposition in the name of idealism. They go online like bully trolls and offer nothing of constructive value for this country which by the way is the only uniting factor we have. My experience with most of the modern day liberals is, they are unreliable persons who wouldn’t have your back in a tight spot and make up a justifiable reason not to. They would throw away a friend for a politically correct idea. They are unable to take criticism and would rather walk away or shout you down than have their ideas challenged. They are over sensitive emotional babies who have so far offered nothing of value for this country and can’t even discuss policy issues or agenda with any intelligence with out resorting to personal attack.

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