How the Trump regime was manufactured by a war inside the Deep State
Nafeez Ahmed

Aside from the personality assessments, very interesting but it simply states that Trump is doing what he said he would do during the campaign. I guess people weren’t listening to him or taking him seriously. He wants to change the system from Obama’s globalist and socialist agenda back to more of conservative capitalism and yes nationalistic agenda. This means, as he has said so often, that America’s well being will come first. So it won’t be necessarily about “getting along” or having everyone else like you. It will be more about getting the deals and negotiations we make to come out in our favor. Peoples dreams will shift to accomplishment and contribution oriented lifestyle rather than do what you like and be supported lifestyle. He is reassessing mass non enforced immigration laws to bring them back to a semblence of legality and orderly immigration. It seems extreme but the country had drifted so far towards open borders and socialist globalism that bringing it back to a conservative state seems extreme. Although I agree with some and disagree with others of Trumps policies, I think that arguing the policies, rather than personalities, is a better stance. There are a lot of very wealthy and successful people in Trumps cabinet and I agree, there are more oil men than I would like, but, they are intelligent and successful individuals. For me the question is this. “Will they act in their own self interest or do what is best for all Americans now they are in public office.?” It seems a bit too early to demonize them all without an opportunity to see the results of their administration. The Republican Party has an opportunity to do some good things, but this is a short window, if they don’t, the midterm elections will go poorly. You may feel differently, but I for one do not want to go back to the globalist agenda of the past 8 years. So Trumps adminsistration is a check and balance for the country. Its the line between extremes that interests me, where there is less government and less corporate control over our lives and a thriving middle class and small business opportunities. It would be great to have someone elected who believes this, but due to the extremes of the left and right political bases we end up with extreme candidates and have to rely on a polarized pendulum that goes back and forth every few years for balance.

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