How to Hurt Like a Man
Imran Siddiquee

Good piece of writing. I think the need to win, control and dominate exists throughout humanity. I grew up in a middle class white neighborhood and yet in high school everyone was subject to ridicule, especially in sports. Our community was a middle class mix of white Americans descended in the not so distant past from European immigrants. Yet ridicule and mean spiritedness abounded if you looked odd, wore odd clothes, weren’t good at sports, didn’t express. yourself well, etc etc. on and on.. Somehow as kids and later adults we find our way through this finding our self esteem. It doesn’t matter who is the bigger victim, that is just a play for more sympathy, it’s about letting it go and moving on and creating a positive life for yourself. Deciding who will be your friends, and how you will live. Creating life above the line where you create your life rather than are a victim of it.

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