Trump and the Coming Cultural Revolution
Bo Shao

I think this is a good imagining article. But its not that complicated or insidious. Trump is actually a simple read. A business man that praises those that are on his side and criticizes those that aren’t. This is actually much more straight forward than political figures who are saying exactly what you want to hear, music to your ears, and in acutality creating an hypocrisy of action. 
Secondly he is simply fulfilling his campaign promises. Maybe you never listened. 
Obama for all his charisma has gotten us into quite a mess. Health care, Iran, unenforced immigration laws, disappearing middle class. 
Trump was elected for the very thing that you fear. He is not an insider mainstream politician but a workaholic business man. People were tired of ineffectual government while many aspects of American life are sliding down the tubes turning us into a third world country with no strong middle class. So they elected a business man, authoritarian. This perhaps is what you don’t like. He is an authoritarian not an appeaser or a coddler. You are now going to be treated as an adult not a child.
One added thing, In reality Trump has received hundreds of times more abuse than he has ever given out.

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