This post is contradictory, devoid of facts, and represents the exact type of centrism the article…
Zee Scribe

OK go for it, but I doubt you’re going to get many followers to jump off the cliff with you. I don’t agree with most of your assumptions. I think your philosophy will further polarize the party and is nothing more than an emotional knee jerk reaction devoid of policy or vision. “A “centrist visionary” would be someone that actually has a vision for the future based on constructive policy rather than simply a destructive narrative. If anything, the Democratic party needs to define its vision.

Perhaps you can define the economic vision for the party. Historically the Democratic Party has been the champion of the blue collar working class, the labor unions, and job creation. What exactly does the Party stand for now? Some vague idea of inclusion of minorities in a welfare state? Equality for all except those with whom you disagree? A party of loud mouth trolls, who’s platform is to shout down the opposition? If you want a revolution then just say so but if you want to have a viable party it has to stand for something. Is the Democratic Party going to win back more seats in congress by shouting down the opposition or any non radical idea. (Maybe) But I doubt it.

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