You Can’t Handle Truth
Mark Inman, Ph.D.

Sometimes I wonder if truth really exists. I suppose in math or engineering and other sciences, but certainly not in politics or in discussion of events. Anyone who has been to a courtroom knows the truth is very relative and subject to interpretation. And of course you can interview several persons who were in the same incident and get multiple variations of what happened. Things like research and news can be cherry picked or stacked in a preferred direction ot opinion. Headlines can be misleading and slanted to infer a particular narrative. . Words are always used to convince. I am really not sure that truth is even a thing anymore. Are kids still brought up to “tell the truth”? Or have parents found it more helpful to teach them how to spin the narrative. Or have parents just set a narcissistic self interested example of behavior. Have you ever been in a situation where you know the truth and everyone around you is saying you are wrong or crazy? Do you know what a lynch mob is? Do people just find it too difficult or unacceptable to be accountable for their own actions, speech and ideas?