I would frankly prefer you to be his speechwriter.

Thanks. I think one of the major issues is his somewhat irritating personality and demeanor. If I was to just go on that I would think differently. But I don’t take him that literally. I know what his intent is and don’t care about the rest. Its a “can’t see the forest for the trees” situation for most people with Trump. I disagree with some policies and agree with others and think we have to be careful of “corporation preference” and environmental / clean energy concerns. But I deferred those issues to the fact that he can A. Shake up the establishment politicians (I hope he sets term limits) He already has set up a lobbying ban. B. As a non politician at his base, can bring a new perspective to governing. Not just talk and talk and say and do nothing. I like that he is a workaholic.

That’s why I am anti obstructionist as we need to get going on some of these bigger issues. Pick your fights but don’t blindly obstruct because you don’t care for his personality.

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