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Great article again. Yes there certainly was not just one protagonist at this event. I am also surprised there is not more video and narrative about the timeline of events that occurred. Also whoever these people are in the Nazi party or the KKK certainly aren’t the Nazis of World War II or the KKK of the last century in the south. Plus joining a group like either of these would seem to be actually the opposite of what someone would do if they wish their opinions to be heard.

So my question is were those two groups the prevalent groups or were there other groups that were there? Like you asked who the heck are these guys and what do they stand for? There seems to be an awful lot of questions about this whole bizarre incident. Who organized the right-wing groups who organized the left-wing groups where is the money behind all this where do all these people come from. Why do the leftists come out of the woodwork like a well-oiled organization every time something like this occurs who are the organizers who is the money backer?

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