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I would say they were being disrespectful as they probably thought “I don’t want to hear this (blank).” More akin to someone walking out of a lecture they didn’t like. Is this done in the US congress? Because I imagine it is done all the time. There are so many people, on either side of the isle, speaking at the podium constantly I can’t imagine everyone staying for, or respecting, all the speeches, especially if it is an opposing argument to your views that you have heard many times. Just because a person of color is ignored by a white guy, does not mean it was an automatically racist act. Who hasn’t, at one time or another, been ignored and/or disrespected?

Were they racist? It was her impression that these white guys were ignoring women of color on a consistent basis. Was that a clear perception? Is that racist? Could be, but ut it shows that an accusation based on color, or where color (any color including white) is brought into a conversation can be interpreted as racist. And it is very possible she doesn’t like white men, more than they don’t like women of color.

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