I respectfully disagree.
Trent Lapinski

There are some interesting statistics about the youth school murders such as Columbine et. al. about how many of these kids were on anti depressants. (I think it was just about all of them).

Unfortunately everyone gives up their power to the Medical Doctor. There are many forms of healing other than standard allopathic medicine, which, has become drug and surgery pushing. How many times does a Medical Doctor refer you to a Chiropractor or Naturopathic Doctor or LAC or other type of Alternative Healer? I think it may happen but I have never heard of it and believe it is rare. Truth of the matter is they demonize all other paradigms of healing in favor of drug pushing. Drugs can get rid of symptoms but very rarely heal anyone. In other words, leave you in a better more resilient state of health and well being not having to revisit the same problems.

What are the long term effects of being on vaccinations and drugs from birth until death?

I would even venture to say many allopathic doctors don’t believe that such a thing as a healthy person exists without the need for constant vaccines and drug prescriptons.

Look up Del Bigtree on Facebook he has been working to dispel the Vaccine myth for some time. Warning: You will be attacked by pro pharma trolls if you disagree with the vaccine narrative.

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