Donald Trump Is No Joke: James McGill Buchanan’s Plan for the Deliberate Dismantling of Democracy
Cynthia Dagnal-Myron

This is very close to what the conservatives think about the left. That they are imposing a totalitarian state by the advent of big governement and socialist/progressive programs. Where people will have to defer to the lowest common demonimator. Where exceptionalism will be criticized. Where independent thoughts and ideas beyond the group think will be scolded and shouted down. Where we will be run by the minority instead of the majority. Where we will stand in endless lines for mediocre services and pay so much that we can never get ahead. Where gangs and outlaws will have a freer run of our city streets. Where there will be tolerance for Sharia laws and illegal immigrant crimes. Where American traditional customs will have to defer to foreigners customs. Where American tradition will be despised. It goes on…..