I don’t seem to understand the issue.

I didn’t find an answer in this article or in the responses to the question as to why the parents can’t just sign him out of the hospital and head off to the US using GoFundMe funds. Maybe he’s a ward of the state, but the article doesn’t document that. If he is and the courts won’t allow his parents to take him, that has nothing to do with the NHS and you can’t lay the blame at their feet. The question then is not money, but in someone other than the parents deciding what is in the best interest of the child. There is not one insurance company in the US who would pay for this treatment, so if he lived here, the same economic issues you discuss would also come into play, and would be just as irrelevant. We do have a government funded single payor system for people 65 and over in the US. It’s Medicare. If you are covered by Medicare and you develop a disorder for which the only possible treatment is highly experimental, Medicare won’t pay for it. But there is absolutely nothing to prevent you from paying for it yourself. This is a heart wrenching situation, for sure. Your article, unfortunately does nothing to explain why the courts are involved in the first place, preferring to place the blame incorrectly on economics and the NHS.

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