Post #5 Survey: Become Aware!

The purpose for this survey is to get information on whether or not students attending these universities know of the issues of racism happening on their campuses. Over the course of a few years the issue of race still is a problem in our universities nation wide. Rather than being able to move forward as a progressive society, we are still taking steps back and being held down by our past. In a society that we have now we promise diversity in/on our college campuses. At the same time students attending these universities are being faced with racist slurs, harassment, and graffiti. This is why this survey will be useful, seeing if 30 students (half male and half female) feel accepted in their schools, and if they think minorities are treated with equality.

For this first question, I wanted to ask a vague question, and get the theme of what the survey will be on. The question was overall close being 40% said yes and 60% said no, which was the first step into the idea.

This second question was suppose to make the surveyor think of a more specific area or time. Making them think if their answer would change form the first question if it was in a narrower circumstance. The results were a dramatic change of 76% being yes and only 23% being no. With just a narrower scope, the surveyor immediately shifted from more no to a substantial yes.

For this question the surveyor is given the main question and the most specific. Immediately looking at the results there was a shift again almost evenly, 76% being no now and 23% being yes. How was their such a shift from this question compared to the similar questions of before? I believe that the specific issue of discrimination towards minorities is so noticeable that it can’t be ignored. Even though students feel equal in their classes they don’t feel everyone is treated equally, especially minority groups inside their universities. It might be from the affect of what current events are happening now nation wide of racist attacks on minority groups or even what they have personally seen/ dealt with.

Out of these 30 students, 46% of them have seen someone been mistreated for being part of a minority group on campus. This is important information to see because of the fact that many students are in the mind set that what is happening on other campuses nation wide, wont affect them because their school isn’t like that. Snapping out of that mindset and seeing that it is real and it is really happening closer to home than anyone thought, we need to become aware of these issues.

In order for our universities to move forward, we need to acknowledge that there are racist acts/actions being taken place on any campus, and that everyone should be able to speak out about it. No one person should be steered away from gaining a higher education just because of what they look like or what race they belong/ associate with.