The same mistakes over and over on Social

As I sit here in the backyard smoking a cigar while the Florida sun is heating the earth and my face I browse my daily dose of social media.

Suddenly I noticed something some of the businesses I follow are doing it wrong. They create their accounts, post content and then turn into robots or worse no interaction what so ever!

People lets face it, its 2015, in about 18 months your business will have more customers through social media than you’d get in your store. Right now you are working so hard to ruin that advantage.

When a customer has a problem dont give them a copy paste, interact. You do the same when they are physically in front of you, right?

When you Tweet, Post or share something related to your business it doesnt stop there. The interaction begins. People retweet, talk about it or even ask you questions. Answer, engage and mingle.

When problems occur or bad experiences are being posted dont give them a copy paste response. Be human, act how you want to be treated if it was you.

If this takes up to much time, hire someone. Dont get a PR firm. Hire an actual employee. They will be your ambassador, your front door and your sales person.