Five Surreal Photos of Nevada’s Cathedral Gorge

Squeezing through slot canyons and then popping out into a landscape that looked like melting orange ice cream cones, I had to remind myself I was in Nevada.

The state serves up the unexpected. Dry desert lake beds. Untrammeled snow-covered mountain peaks. And really, really weird rock formations.

At times, Cathedral Gorge looks like some super-sized child made wet sand drippings across the landscape of southeastern Nevada. In evening light, these mounds of rock turn electric tans, oranges and reds.

Inside the tangle of slot canyons, silence is broken only by passing birds or the whisper of a passing evening bat.

From the top of these heaping mounds of corrugated earth, the surreal desert landscape stretches out until it is lost from view in a bank of clouds and the dimming evening light.