Racism is a key to the rise of maternal mortality for Black women

LLynnie Ervin’s daughter Kelly died while giving birth at Christian Northwest Hospital in St. Louis more than 10 years ago, and the memory hasn’t faded. She and her husband had gone to pick up Kelly from her home because she’d fallen ill, was pregnant, and lived alone. “Her entire face…

The Conversation is Heating Up about Black Women Dying in Childbirth

The conversation around maternal mortality is gaining some overdue attention. Maternal deaths in the United States are defined as deaths occurring up to one year postpartum. Families who have lost loved ones during or after childbirth say having the…

Deneen Busby

Deneen Busby is a native of St. Louis, Missouri. Her mission is to improve the lives of those who feel helpless. Favorite hobby= rollerskating.

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