Tai Ragan

  1. War powers under the constitution is the Right of Congress. But every since Korea we have seen Congress surrender this power to the Executive Branch. Truman was right in commiting troops in Korea, but he (a democrat and the only one since FDR I respect) went about it the wrong way. He should have asked for a Declaration of War. He gets a bit of a pass because MacArthur was A. Caught flat footed and then refused to believe the Chinese were entering the war when they did and he assisted a great deal of dragging us into Korea simply to save our troops who were there and our face as well. (Incidently just to keep the score straight MacArthur was a Republican)

2. LBJ committed us to Vietnam, again with no Declaration of War but Congress blessed his actions. 1st Gulf War and Bush (a Republican) the 1st committed us and again I believe rightfully, but again with out the proper Constitutional route being followed and again Congress blessed it. Sadly he didn’t finish that war when he should have.

3. 2nd Gulf War and Bush #2 (another Republican) committed us once again and again Congress passed the buck and blessed it averting their Constitutional Duty to Make War.

4. Obama (a Democrat and God knows what else) the Occupant of OUR White House, played at “I’m Commander In Chief” worst than any President I’ve ever read about. He hated the military with a passion, purged Leaders in favor of “Managers” who understood to say YES always and the Social Experiment wiz kids were turned loose on our military damn near wrecking morale while Obama systmatically went about castrating our Army, Marines, Navy and Air Force, forced the Boarder Patrol to look away and INS Agents to stay in offices.

5. Trump is elected by the backlash across our nation against everything the past 8 years inflicted on this great nation and our military.

Now lets look back on Congress and where all this went south. I lived and worked in DC 40 years with duties that often took me into the halls of Congress, the Pentagon, Intelligence agencies and even the White House. I saw the Clinton’s and like Bill, but Hillary when seen acting normally in the White House was (I apologize for using this word about any female) an unmigitated “Bitch!” But I saw Republican Senators and Democratic Senators arguring for all they were worth on the floor of the Senate without once ever personally attacking each other and then that evening walking in together arm in arm laughing and enjoying each other’s company.

Fast Forward to Speaker Newt Gingerich. He turned the House into (I’ll attempt to use polite as possible language here) a “revenge” division of the house. That’s where the screwer’s become the screwee’s and the screwee’s become the screwer’s! It was the party’s way or the highway partisian warfare. Everytime we have seen this reversal of power it reverses. No less a figure, a lady I rarely agree with — but respect greatly, Justice Ginsburg recently speaking somewhere lamented how badly the House and Senate have become and how uncivil the advise and concert powers of judicial selection has descended down into the mud and muck of party warfare!

We have those who believe the Constitution is a “living document!” That is simply liberal “code words” meaning we’ll make it mean what ever we want it to mean! Not what was the intent of the authors and those members of Congress who voted to adopt it so many years ago. We only need to pick up a book, or go online and read the thoughts and intent of those authors of that document and that of the members of Congress who actually voted on that document then. We have a mechanism to change, or amend that document but recently liberals simply rewrite it.

I believe in constantly challenging things, but I also believe in history. Today the teachers, like my 2 aunts who taught in one room schools containing 1–12 and later 1–8 grades, have forgotten the fundamentals of education. In law school professors used to teach the majesty of law, the great law givers of history and how laws have progressed down from our earliest history. Did you know that Hamurbabi had a law that said, “It a man’s home is built by another and it collapses killing his family then let the builders of that home and his family be killed in a like manner!” Or words to that effect. Simple but effective building code, but we can’t do that today!? And no our founding fathers were not perfect and absolutely screwed up the issue of slavery. But even today we are dishonest about that issue. Never once is it revealed that the initial capturer of slaves in Africa and who then sold them to Arab slavetraders were other black tribes. An inconvenient truth that doesn’t fit current norms? Today in law schools professors no longer teach the law and how to prosecute or defend within the law. No they teach tear, shred, destroy warp the law to fit the end and your desired outcome with no regard for society or people! That reached it’s crowning zenith when a certain person of high intelligence asked, “What does IS mean” in a court of law!

JFK once challenged this nation to “Ask not what your country can do for you — But what YOU cand do for YOUR Country!” I would suggest that this has been forgotten for far to long in DC but still lives outside the major cities.

Until the 80’s kids, even in inner cities could find summer time jobs. But we kept raising minimum wages, forcing employers to lay off workers and steam line to hold down costs. But that’s OK we payed out more in Welfare and Unemployment while jobs disappeared. Then Obama care came and full time jobs in low skill fast food industry were wiped out because employers had to do away with full time positions and rehire them back at higher wages, often at less health benefit plans (not always), as part time employees. We are a free market based economy. So when you force employers to pay more you kill jobs because people will only pay so much for the product. Government needs to get out of the job and wage markets and let free enterprise function. If wages are to low people won’t work and empployers will be forced the raise wages. If products cost to much then employers have to figure out how to cut production costs.

What do I know about things that have changed since Mr. Trump moved into 1600 Pennsylvania? Our enemies are beginning to understand you can no longer push the paper tiger we were. Our allies are beginning to understand we no longer can be taken advantage of. Our military is restoring Leaders and removing Managers with pride being restored. Our Border Patrol is again working and with pride, as is our INS. Finally the Secret Service has a leader who is experienced in making things work and owes no one in the its ranks anything or protection.

Do I agree with everything President Trump has down or is doing? Absolutely not. But unlike I gave Obama 4 years the likes of Schummer and Pelosi and their ilk refuse to give him even a single day!

Yes, I have spent my adult time in the service of my country and local goverment and I’d do it again. I come from a long history of famly serving in law enforcement and our military in times of war. A question I asked every new police officer on the 1st day of the police academy was this; “What is your Product?” Never once did I receive the answer I looked for — “PEOPLE!” I served on the Cuban Crisis, during the James Meridith enrollment at the U of Miss., volunteered for service in Vietnam, was in the military in DC during the Poor People’s March, the Dr. King “ I Have a Dream Speech”, Yippee’s May Day shut down the Government and during the Dr. King Riots on his murder and then 25 years as a police officer. I hate being backed in to a corner by anyone or anything. I read a number of papers across the US and even foreign ones daily to get different points of views on the news. I’m a registered republican from the hear of Lincoln country who is neither a conservative or a liberal. I am a centrist who leans conversative on most issues but one would love to see a new centrist political party neither liberal or centrist and honestly believe the greater majority of people would join it quickly.

With that, sir, I will respectfully sign off and bother you no more, nor respond if goaded even. You’ve spoken your piece and I mine and I doubt either of us will change, but we can remain civil and friendly Americans!

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