DBXChain And SuperFans Will Advance The Chinese Fan-Economy by Rewarding Fans For Their Fandom

Oct 23, 2018 · 3 min read

SuperFans APP, developed by Tianjin Technology Co., aims to revolutionize the Chinese Fan-Economy by integrating their current platform into DBXChain and connect celebrities with fans and advertisers.

The Fan Economy of China has become one of the most important strategies for brands to market and sell their products, with Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) having great impact on what brands and products will be successful. Studies shows that 70 % of consumers in China say their shopping choices are influenced by social media and influencers. Product recommendations from influencers have the most impact on millennials and Gen Z in China. With the importance of KOL and social media, SuperFans APP which can be found in one of China’s biggest Social Media platforms, QQ, will provide a platform that allows KOLs to connect and interact with their most dedicated fans in new and innovative ways. At the moment, SuperFans have already attracted more than 800 celebrities in China including famous persons like Zhao Li Ying with 11 million fans, Zhu Yi Long with 7 million fans, and Yi Yang Qian Xi with 7 million fans.

Using DBXChain’s leading Blockchain, SuperFans enable KOLs to interact with their fan communities and give fans an opportunity to get rewarded for their dedication and loyalty. The rewards are used to incentivize fans to do certain tasks such as liking and sharing content, participate in competitions or merchandise shopping. Through the sponsorships between KOLs and advertisers, KOLs have the chance to reward the fans who is interacting with their content by paying out “SuperFan”-Token issued on DBXChain to the fans. The token will later be able to be traded on the exchanges by the fans, hence providing a simple way for fans to capitalize on their fandom as well as giving KOLs an efficient tool to ensure their content is shared and reached to a broader audience.

DBXChain’s infrastructure built on Blockchain will allow individual KOLs to track how their content is shared and used, and to assure the fans will receive their rightful rewards automatically without interference or manual work.

SuperFans and DBX Foundation look forward to advance the Fan Economy and KOL Marketing by providing a platform that allows fans and celebrities to interact in a more innovative and rewarding fashion.

SuperFans App can be found on the Chinese Social Media App, QQ now.



About DBXChain:

DBX — The Blockchain Built for Real World Apps
Since launching in 2016, DBX have developed their own blockchain which is designed for the big data era with 3000+ TPS. The primary goal is to build a highly efficient and safe blockchain network which encourages strengthened data exchange and data value mining. Data connections that were previously not able to release value have been made able to with this new blockchain operation system. As a result, this gives blockchain far more “real world” relevance than was previously possible.

Unique Technical features of DBX Blockchain:
*Reach real 3000+ TPS & 1,000,000 TPS (theoretical) in Parallel Side-Chain
*D-DPoS Consensus Mechanism with Real-time and unpredictable Trinity Node election procedure to avoid bribery
*DBX Virtual Machine with WebAssembly integration
*Data Storage Side-Chain making data easily accessible
*Brand new smart contract consensus mechanism with data verification


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