How to build it fast and cheap
Febin John James

DroidScript is also a great tool for rapid prototyping mobile apps using JavaScript. It’s a bit like Cordova but much simpler to use and you can build native as well as HTML based UIs.

In my experience, you can create native apps between 5x and 10x faster than you would using Android Studio. Admittedly it only creates Android apps at the moment, but Android is on 85% of mobile devices across the planet and it’s probably not a concern if you just want to get a prototype in front of your investors anyway.

It serves up a browser based IDE over WiFi directly from a real Android device so there is not messing around with sluggish emulators and you can be confident that what you build is going to work on a real device.

Using it is very satisfying too as there is no compile time, you just hack a bit of code and press the run button and the app is running quick as a flash right there on your phone or tablet… instant gratification :)

It also has tons of ready made samples and code snippets built-in, so you can knock up an app very quickly by simply cutting and pasting chunks of code. You can also pull in popular JavaScript libs and ‘browserified’ Node modules to make your life easier.

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