Digital Sabbath

The other day in english our teacher wanted us to take part in a “Digital Sabbath”.

I have not been with out a phone since I graduated 5th grade. I didn't know how to act without one. Yea I’ve been known as the abusive type when it comes near our two year anniversary. First there was my rumor I thought our bond was indestructible, she was my first. But I never treated her right, Like my compassion towards her I though she going to be the one I would be with forever. I don’t know what came over me. I would throw her in the snow just to see how strong she was and kick her down the middle school hallways. But those were in my immature days. Eventually It was our two year aniversary and on that day I Was introduced to this slim cut glass phone. who had one button and two hepatic feedback keys. She was begging for me. Her name was Evo. Evo was my shortest relationship we only lasted a few months. She wasnt as strong as My first.


Don’t leave yet,

I apologize if I freaked you out. It’s just that I am crazy about phones. Well technology in general.

To tell you the truth I am a materialistic selfish individual.

I was barley capable of making it 5 hours with out my phone. I cant even blame it on the fact that I could risk losing my snapchat streaks. Because we were allowed to answer our snapchats once in the 24 hour span of time. It’s just the convince of basically having access to the whole world at my finger tips that makes me weak. With out my phone I just feel as if I am missing everything that is happening back home with my friends. I find it pretty pathetic of myself that I was unable to make it through the Sabbath.

What the sabbath made me realize about myself is i am a slave to the modern age of technology. I am part of the light bulb generation where I expect instant gratification for my minuscule actions. I know that sounds harsh but its true. My generation and myself are too reliant on technology to the point where we can barley conduct ourselves without it.

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