Some states have set their sights on curtailing access to abortions

A woman holding up a sign that says “Protest Abortion Access.”

As the country continues to weather a global pandemic that has claimed over 28,000 American lives and is estimated to shutter as many as 47 million jobs, instead of focusing on slowing the spread of the virus or offering support to frontline health care workers and other essential personnel, GOP…

Perhaps now more of our sexual assault complaints will be taken seriously

OnOn Monday, a stunned Harvey Weinstein was found guilty of criminal sexual assault in the first degree and rape in the third degree. …

A recent Seattle Weekly column suggested women would be wise to fake an interest in football to please their significant others. Yeah, so, about that.

In what can only be described as a desperate measure to establish an assumed (read: socially constructed) level of masculinity and dominance, men have traditionally marked their territory — metaphorically, we hope — in a caveman-like attempt to claim football as strictly their own. It’s no surprise why: The game…

Russell Wilson, star QB of the Seattle Seahawks, is not playing very well. He’s also dating singer/actress/model Ciara, and for a segment of fans, these two facts are inextricably linked.

I f you spent time surfing the blogosphere this week, you likely came across a bevy of causes (read: excuses) being touted as reasons why Russell Wilson played the worst game of his career in the Seattle Seahawks’ Week 10 loss to the Arizona Cardinals.

The first and most football-obvious…

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