Probably not a good idea to publicly slam the company that pays your bills and the CEO that signs…
Kris Gellci

You do realize that Yelp is REQUIRED by the Affordable Care Act to provide coverage, right? And that it wouldn’t be $600 a month. They company probably wouldn’t be paying that under a group plan. If she we were to get coverage on her own, without Yelp offering it, for someone her age and income level it would probably only be roughly $200-$300 a month for a Silver plan, though she may be even to get a Bronze plan for even less (I’m estimating here, but I am a licensed insurance broker).

In other words, it appears that Yelp was paying the bare minimum (SF’s min wage is $12.25) and offering the bare minimum in terms of benefits, while making millions in profits. How grateful should anyone be for that?

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