Mirrorless, Around the World — Travel Filmmaking with Sony a7S II: Part 1. Intro

Five months through 15 countries, here’s what I learned.

David Bryan
1 min readNov 17, 2016

First, the finished product:

The World Before Me is a modern round the world trip, set to the words of a 19th century poet.

In the fall of 2015, while preparing for a trip that would take me literally around the world, I couldn’t shake the desire to share the experience of travel, which for me is a very personal one. This film is the culmination of that desire. I carried my camera for 5 months through 15 countries. The endless metropolis of Tokyo, tiny islands of The Philippines, busy streets of India, the Swiss Alps and the Scottish Highlands. They’re all right here, for you, in 6 minutes.

Note: *Although much of the following is relevant to most camera systems, I’m making the assumption you’ve chosen Sony’s a7S II. There are many other great options available, but right now, this camera is very hard to beat.*

Part 2. Lens and Filter Selection

Part 3. Camera Setup

Part 4. Shooting Tips for the Real World

Part 5. File Handling

Part 6. The Edit (coming soon?)



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