DCC Weekly Update — April 24, 2018

DCC on the Road (non-stop!)

1. Team DCC in Hanoi! Behind the Scenes of our Vietnam Roadshow

At the Southeast Asia Blockchain Innovation Summit, founder & CEO of DCC, Stewie Zhu had an exclusive interview with VITV, a top Vietnamese TV network. Stewie believes that Southeast Asia will soon become an important hub for blockchain innovation and international collaboration. He believes it will provide excellent growth opportunities for DCC. As the world’s first public chain for distributed banking, DCC aims to use blockchain technology to allow credit to become more obtainable and transform various business aspects of the financial industry.

2. China
Stewie attended Huoxing Finance in China — Wuhan Station, an event co-sponsored by Huoxing Finance and Optics Valley Startup Coffee. During his speech entitled Why Zuckerberg Won the Congress Hearing But Lost the World, Stewie comments that Facebook’s biggest problem is not returning the ownership of data to its users. In contrast, DCC is committed to building a distributed financial ecosystem where users fully control the storage and usage of their own data. In this way, the DCC solution will solve a multitude of problems including long-term lending, high interest rates and personal privacy data breaches.

3. In the News
■ Cipher Tang, DCC’s technology brain, had an exclusive interview with Yiben Blockchain, a well-known media outlet in the blockchain community. Have a look at his detailed explanation of how blockchain technology could disrupt Internet finance.

■ Xiaoxiang Finance published an analysis of the DCC project which focused on DCC’s efforts around creating new possibilities for globalized inclusive finance.

■ DCC’s Interview with Vietnam International Telecommunication Television: 

Community News

DCC’s roadshow in Vietnam was met with enthusiasm! Statistics showed that, on the day of the roadshow, page clicks from Vietnam surged to over 1,000 users, surpassing the traffic from Chinese users. Our global user base has been increasing steadily, especially in the US and Europe.

On Telegram, we have over 100,000 members in and we will be launching a third group shortly.
Slack’s translation initiative is in full swing, covering French, German, Indonesian, Romanian, English, Portuguese, Malaysian, and Vietnamese.
WeChat users have responded positively and discussed the project’s development and intrinsic value. At the same time, more users have been sharing DCC’s updates on Moments.

Technology Development

DApp of USDT Loan
We are diligently working on R&D, and the latest updates can be found on Github: github.com/DistributedBanking/DCC.

DCC-based Mobile Phone Installment Purchase Platform
The platform is under joint development. Users will be able to maintain personal credit information on DCC and purchase mobile phones in installments on this platform.

Open Platform
Development is ongoing.

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