The Real Story ( 60 Minutes , 03/26/2017 )



On tonight’s episode of 60 Minutes a main segment covered the topic of “ What is fake news “.

They interviewed Mike Cernovich , of Danger and Play ​ , to show how

he`s a main part of what they say is “ the fake news “. ( The irony there is so comical )

To be honest , I will say they were pretty decent and fair , in allowing Mike`s own defense to actually be on air.

​As a pre recorded show , they could have edited in any way they seen fit.

So , I do give them credit there. 

Another one of their interviewees was Jestin Coler , owner of National Report

and Denver Guardian , who admittedly Reports “ Fake News “ for profit.

The difference between Cernovich and Coler is that while Cernovich reports on stories he at least
believes to be true , Coler is openly a con artist.

​It is of my opinion by having them both on the same show , about the same topic , many will

associate the two as being the same , which is the furthest from the truth , but , hey ,

that’s just how “ the game “ works

But , now for THE REAL STORY , which was barely mentioned , rather than spoken on in detail , as should have been ;

As a Result of “ The Fake News “ , Twitter and Facebook have changed their algorithms so YOU will

​ see Less of the Stories which interest YOU.

That`s Right !

That`s what it`s really about , Further suppression on what you are allowed to see in YOUR newsfeeds , Especially Conservative Oriented News ,

Because , of course , anything Right Leaning is “ Fake News “.

​While Twitter and Facebook`s old algorithm was based on Popularity , the new algorithm will be based on what is most “ left leaning “.

Many may think that`s just my opinion , which they feel is wrong.

But , if that’s your thought , my only answer would be ,

Keep on drinking the kool-aid. :-)

Written by : Daniel J. Cernovich

Originally written on :