It’s Time for Higher Education to “Get Real” about the Climate Crisis

For what are we preparing students, and what are they actually learning? Are we educating them for the conditions they will encounter, tests they will face, hardships they will endure? Will they understand the forces re-shaping our world, and find the resources to engage them meaningfully? And as the world’s wealth and power becomes concentrated in fewer and fewer hands, is our educational system part of the solution — or part of the problem?

“We have, as a planet, entered a time of profound reckoning,” begins the NEC website. “Given the gravity and uncertainty of our situation, the work of higher education must change.”

The Christopher Reynolds Foundation and the Kaiser Family Foundation helped support both the Council on the Uncertain Human Future and A new Earth conversation; Clark’s Office of the President provided NEC seed funding; the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation supported the original CUHF; and the Ford Foundation supported the precursor program, Difficult Dialogues.



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