I Peeked Into My Node_Modules Directory And You Won’t Believe What Happened Next
Jordan Scales

Since you did not specify a version of express, nor a path where you found yummy, it makes it hard to verify your analysis. I do not have yummy anywhere in my express module.

Furthermore, I have nowhere near “291 installed modules” under my express module either, only 44. You are making the false assumption that counting lines from a tree output is an accurate count of node modules (or maybe you don’t know what a node module is?). A more accurate count of modules comes from using npm ls instead.

This hyperbole works against the very fine argument that you began with, that all developers using open source software (JavaScript or not) should meticulously audit what they are getting. Also while you are focused on space, with today’s systems you would catch more attention by raising the security concerns.

BTW, you may want to remove the evidence of your command line ignorance before posting your examples. Only the last two lines of this snippet are pertinent:

$ tree node_modules/ | count
zsh: command not found: count
$ tree node_modules/ | lines
zsh: command not found: lines
$ tree node_modules/ | wc -lines
wc: illegal option — i
usage: wc [-clmw] [file …]
$ tree node_modules/ | wc -countlines
wc: illegal option — o
usage: wc [-clmw] [file …]
$ man wc
$ tree node_modules/ | wc -l
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