Some Important 2017 Tips & Tricks for Clearing NDA Exam

Let us first know what NDA is?

NDA Stands for National Defense Academy. it is a combined service of Indian Armed Forced. Where the candidates are trained for Army, Navy, Airforce. The Main Academy is located in Pune (Maharastra). This is the first academy to trained candidates for Army, Navy, and Airforce at the same place.

Points to remember before Joining NDA (National Defense Academy)

1, Improve your Math’s & English: These two are the most important subject in NDA (National Defense Academy). You should be perfect in these two subjects. Do regular practice & take good and effective study material to train.

2, Proper knowledge of Current Affairs: It is very obvious that you should have proper knowledge of current affairs before joining NDA (National Defense Academy). You should have proper awareness of current affairs politically and socially. Daily read newspaper & and current affairs article to be updated.

3, Be Confident: Joining NDA (National Defense Academy) is not a child play. You should be confident & energetic. Self-confidence is the key to your success.

4, Taking Help from last year papers: Take Help from Last year Exam papers it will be helpful & will get the idea about the exam pattern. Solving previous year exam papers will upgrade your knowledge.

5, Calm and Fresh Mind: Yes! You are joining NDA (National Defense Academy). You are taking a very big step. But you should be calm and fresh minded don’t let tension take over your mind. Try to take meditation and morning walk to fresh your mind.

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6, Stay Fit: Proper Fitness is another important thing before joining NDA. You should be properly fit physically and mentally for any situation. As I told you regular meditation and proper exercise will lead to your success.

7, Proper Sleep: Its good be fit physically but you should take a proper nap. Without taking proper sleep you are exhausting your power and strength. Don’t over exhaust your body take a proper nap. Minimum 7-hour nap is good for you.

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