Indispensable apps used by Digital nomads & Entrepreneurs

How do Digital nomads and Entrepreneurs manage their projects, find Wi-fi, keep track of their flights or keep their Social Media updated? Dig into this large list of trendy and ground-breaking apps and make your workload easier to handle.

I love to be on the hunt for new apps that are really interesting, well designed and mostly USEFUL! The other day I was found on Twitter an interesting article about the tools used by Digital nomads and Entrepreneurs.

Here’s the article: Tools I Use to Learn, Work And Travel Anywhere in The World

So, from this list, I can validate some of them and tell you which are my favorite apps and the ones I believe are indispensable. However, I still think that this is a very basic list, so I promise in the future to write a more thorough and specialized review on apps for design, study and work.

Gmail: Everyday email!

Google maps: To get around in foreign cities and to get transport advice

Google docs: Share and access documents. Save PDFs and images. Create docs, spreadsheets, presentations, etc.

Apple calendar: Calendar and event management

Grammarly: This I actually use it as an extension for chrome and it is a wonderful grammar and spelling corrector

Skype: App to make video conferences and audio calls. Very convenient to meet online

Slack: App for team communication and working

AdBlock: Chrome extension to block ads on websites

Spotify: Digital music service, where you can find playlists with songs to focus, make brainstorms, study or exercise

Let me know if you have a preferred set of apps to work or study in the comments below 🙂

Originally published at on October 9, 2016.