PR is One Big #EpicFail
Colin Jordan

IMO the problem lies on a few fronts.

1) PR professionals who find it all too easy to just be a pair of arms and legs, and simply execute what is asked by their paymasters. (Of course, this will unearth a whole new set of arguments on why whys and hows of the situation).

2) Clients who hire PR agencies with wholly unrealistic aims and goals, tied to outdated KPIs i.e. clip count, AVE. (Similarly, this is another discussion altogether. It does take two hands to clap, after all).

3) Journalists with egos too big for their heads AND/OR with too many stories available to fill too few pages. (Again, another can of worms. After all, with less journalists to do the work….)

Not a simple issue, and to state the obvious, industry-wide change won’t be easy. After spending time on both sides of the fence, I do feel for both sides.

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