Space Exercise

Class Goals
Projects to account for
Thought process

All objects on the tables will go underneith the tables.

We will need aproximately 14(4'x 8') sheets of cardboard to use to pin up on. Along with a ton of pins. The cardboard will alow us to cover windows and make an even wall surface. This will also give us the about 1620 squ are feet we need to totally display everything.

I organized the studio inregards to projects and classes that were based on each other or projects that specifically built on one another. Then by each persons section among the group of projects put their studio picture and name and make them in the theme of a Pantone color swatch. For instance, Visualizing will be shown by displaying all plants together. Then perspective finals will be shown, and lastly our storyboards and abstract drawings will be shown. I would like to show these peices as if you go through a walk of plantness and perspective ending with our sketchbooks layed out on Taborets which are on the left as you walk in the door. The 8 desks that are along the front edge of the room and infront of the curved wall will be stacked one on top of each other. On the side of the desks facing the wall drawings will be hung up. This will alow people to go through a pathway of Visualizing. The flat files ion front of the door will give directions so show visualizing starts in the left corner of the curved part of the room.

Underneath sketchbooks I would like to print out and put placing projects underneith them. Sketchbooks and placing are both very personal so I feel they will compliment each other nicely. Directly behind the flatfiles infront of the entrance I would like to put all of the interactive projects and their medium posts along with the names and pictures of students. The cardboard mechanisms would be placed on the two groups of six tables then the light engines would be placed with their mediums in the stacked tables. Then angle lights away from the tables. This should be dark enough to appreciate the lights all though it is not completely pitch black, but nor will it be.

On the middle wall that cuts off half of the room I would like to project videos from the timebased project. OR we could use the two far left back tables to hold computers which play the Time based project. Then we can put show layouts and the paper cut outs up on the walls around these tables. Then pin up printed out mediums next to each project. Computers can be a logistical challenge as they have to stay charged, unlocked, and not messed up.

A trash can will be placed to the right of the door as you walk in then the food will be next to that on the flat files next to the printer. Then have a recyclying container in the door cut into the wall. We can also put a trash can and recycling at the end of the longer set of flatfiles. If we are going to have an interactive area where people’s dirty hands will touch our nice prestine projects I believe it is crucial that we put the neer the printer on the flat file because people will see it as they go through visualizing which is based on using your eyes not your hands.

I think all of the power cords should be completely rolled up and power strips put into another room along with desk lamps, coat racks (or put them in the hall so people can still use them), white boards, ladder, and the fans.

I believe seperating by class and then grouping projects based on interaction for example make sense because it shows a journey and learned process. Having mediums, pictures, and names at each area will be crucial to connect them all together. We could even make extra print outs to give to professors who walk around in the morning to attach to their grading sheets to make it even easier to locate who’s work is whose. Also Mark and Matt said today that the plants and perspective finals were more for eye candy for outsiders, but they really want to see the abstraction, story board, sketchbooks, and other process work. All of this can be located within the space to the left of the door utilizing the wall and taborets. Studio is more spread out individually but it is connected. Also it is spread out over about a quarter of the total size of the room so relatively close together.

For people that are not in Design and coming to view the show will be more impressed by the projects placed in groups because they do not have the same amount of investment in each person as the professors do. They want to see what we as a class are doing and find out what piece they like the best etc. Although, I think there should be stickies near projects that could be paisted on pictures or medium pritouts of peoples reactions reactions.

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