Unit 5 Blog Post

After, reading about the different types of society it gave me lots more insight as to how today’s society came to. if I had to choose a society I would want to live in a Horticultural society. It shows are people are able to survive off of just what grown or what comes from the earth.

As stated in the textbook, “ Horticultural societies formed in areas where rainfall and other conditions allowed them to grow stable crops (Openstax,2016, pg. 77) This society is very similar to Hunter Gathers except, for the moving around for resources. I chose this specific society because they lived straight off the land.

The one type of alienation that I have experienced in my life would be Alienation from others. As in the textbook Marx says, “ Alienation refers to the condition in which the individual is isolated and divorced from his or her society, work, or the sense of self” (Openstax,2016,pg.82). I’ve been alienated from others at school because I find myself having to compete with the next person for better grades and other wonderful opportunities. There are times where I find myself working with other to study or figure out a problem, but majority of the times its myself against others.

In my life I occupy statuses of daughter, aunt, and sister. Those are ascribed statuses because I have no control over them. However, being a student, friend, graduate, and athletic are all achieved statuses. Those are achieved statuses because I controlled those myself and I was the reason for the outcome.