Where do I go from here?


In light of the outcome last night, I’m reflecting on how it affects me personally.. and what I can do to help build a society on things like merit, perspective & long-term thinking and less on fear, pessimism and irrational thinking.

Two key ways to do that are through education and empowerment. The education part is not really my strength, but empowerment.. that’s where I can make a big difference. I’ve already taken the first step by re-focusing my consulting work on social impact.

The next step is harder though. It involves cultivating a generation of entrepreneurs that are focused on their local and global communities in addition to growth. Entrepreneurs that make the tough choices, not the easy, popular, or short term ones. Business owners that naturally do the right thing, not the one that benefits them at the expense of many many others.

I want to be in the heart of a global initiative to build social enterprises that are so successful to our collective good that we all say:

“why did we ever do it any other way?”

Is that too lofty of a goal?