Scotland — A PR Problem

I think it’s pretty widely accepted that Scotland are good at Melee. It’s definitely not an unpopular opinion.

But the question is just how good.

No one loves Scottish Melee as much as the Scots do. If you were a player with of the opinion that let’s say, Scotland aren’t all that, they’re a bunch of try hard haggis munchers with a fetish for spicey memes…well… you’d better get ready to defend that opinion. I’ve seen Scottish Melee players descend on a PR discussion en mass — the very definition of “looking out for ya boi”.

They’re a fierce bunch with complete confidence in their own skill level as a region.

But is it justified?

In the recent Melee UK Spring Rankings 5 of the 25 ranked players are Scottish and looks as follows:

12th — TimemuffinPHD
14th — Shifting Shadows
16th — Phade
19th — Maskless
25th — Hen

Not surprisingly when looking at notable wins for each individual player — they all seem to be against each other. It provides an interesting series of questions — how much stock do we put in wins against frequently played opponents? Should it be a factor? Should it be as clear cut as a win’s a win?

If Scotland is only beating Scotland it tells us clearly two things:

  1. Scotland doesn’t travel.
  2. Nobody travels to Scotland.

Now, steady on, put your pitchforks down. I’m well aware I’ve not made any revolutionary statements — to the vast majority of you this is old news, an ongoing problem caused by the gulf travel wise between the North and South. What can I say though, with confidence, is that I’m here to provide a solution…

That solution is Origin.

Origin is an event ran in the North East on June 3rd featuring both Melee singles and doubles, headed up Team Heir’s Kone it’s providing the North of England a national scale event that it’s craved for so long.

Now that statement alone should be enough to peak interest. The pedigree of the country’s best tournament organiser hosting an event in (arguably) the friendliest, most fun loving region in the UK? It’s a no brainer.

For the competitive amongst you though who need an added incentive? The Scots are coming.

With the arrival of a Northern based national we will be able to provide answers to those questions that plague each iteration of the power rankings. Origin provides a battleground for the North and South to duke it out and really establish a clear hierarchy amongst the UK top 25.

The power rankings created a lot of questions. Origin is the opportunity to answer them.

All you need to do now, is attend.

See you there.

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