Come Back Chivalry

“You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.” — Mr. Darcy

Where has romance gone? I’m not talking about cute text messages, snapchats, or dates that require Wi-Fi. I’m talking about classic, pure romance. Romance that sweeps you off your feet. A romance with long hand-written letters, picnics with strawberry wine, or stolen kisses on the front porch. The anticipation as you wait for your fate to ring the doorbell (or better yet…knock on the door) and the opening of a car door begin to beautiful courtship.

This poetic romance has become a gesture of the past. No longer are hand-written letters; poorly written/typed texts with emojis serve as replacement. Picnics with strawberry wine have transformed into Netflix and McDonald’s. The most saddening loss is of stolen kisses on a front porch. These have become extinct because a date no longer walks you to the door at the end of the night. Instead, it is a drop-off and leave before you have the chance to find your keys.

There is no feeling greater than the feeling of getting ready to go on a surprise date, walking down the stairs as the a knock on the door echoes. Opening the door to find him or her standing with a bouquet of daisies with the kind of smile you only find once or twice in a life time. A smile that is pure and true.

Or the feeling of the door being opened for you as you enter and exit the car. The small gesture makes you the center of his or her world. Makes you feel as if nothing else matters except you.

Where has the simplicity of chivalry gone? Have people forgotten that it is the smallest of small gestures that really matter to someone?

Give me late nights lying under the stars listening to “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds.”

Give me a dance in the rain with the only music being heard is laughter as you spin around in circles.

No worries. No stress. No more thinking. It’s just the two of you with dreams. Nothing standing between you except for the man in the moon.

Those are the moments that mean the most. Not a text message.

A real act of chivalry. A display of undying devotion to make you forget everything except for the way his or her eyes light up the moment you step foot onto that front porch.

That is what the world is missing. Pure. True. Romance.



Come Back.