It seems simple, as you extend the end of a bright, raspberry gloss and glide it over your lips, puckering them slightly as if to suggest a kiss. The stain creates the perfect heart-shape that haunts dreams and makes it hard to focus.

However, it stands for more than a sexy selfie.

Power. Confidence. Happiness.

As the stain sets, nothing can stop me. I believe that I can take on the world. No more second guesses.

I know what path I am supposed to be on. I know what road will lead me to success.

The only trail it leaves behind is the kiss on a cheek of a “see ya later” with it’s ghost of a promise to someday return.

My lipstick is more than just a piece of makeup. It is a part of me that no one will ever smudge again. It is the one piece that seals my fate. It keeps the perfection of being perfect, but in reality it is the only perfection I am waiting on.

Otherwise perfection is overrated. Being different and unique that’s what matters. So buy that green, blue, purple, pink, or red lipstick. The lipstick is the only perfection you ever need in life.

Wherever life takes me, you can bet I will always have my lipstick (green, red, raspberry, blue, or pink).

My Power. My Confidence. My Happiness.

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